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When my husband and I moved to Fort Collins in 2013, I couldn’t find other crafters and makers to hang out with. It took me three years to find a sewing buddy! I don't want others to feel as lonely and isolated as I did.

This newsletter is a call out to my people. I want to help strengthen and expand the local creative community. Maybe you’re the one knitting at a brewery. Or you might be geeking out over night photography. Or does your idea of a perfect winter day include hot cocoa and embroidery in the ski lodge?

Whatever your craft love is, join us and invite your friends!

Photo attribution for the above (left to right) on Unsplash: Swapnil Dwivedi, Devin Edwards, Bernard Hermant, & Brandon Mowinkel. First banner photo by Jason Leung.

Photo of first arts & crafts supplies swap

Our First Arts & Crafts Supplies Swap

What Our Readers Say

“Signing up for the Arts & Found newsletter is the best next thing I could have done for my creativity! Each week I'm introduced to new crafts to explore and local arts events to attend. Arts & Found gives me so many new things to look forward to!” ~ Rebecca, Fort Collins

“I love receiving this newsletter and seeing all the Maker things happening in the area. And I've shared it with a number of people. In my strong opinion, Arts & Found is an experiment gone right and what it becomes is simply still evolving.” ~ Sarah, Fort Collins

“I love all the updates, events, and snippets. Such an awesome resource for the craft community.” ~ Zoe, Fort Collins

About me

Hello, my name is Ayelet! My main craft of choice is designing and sewing my own clothes. I’ve been sewing for 16 years, but it’s not my exclusive craft. I’ve also dabbled in embroidery, crochet, dyeing, and pottery. Most days I wear my own handmade outfits and jewelry gifted to me by my grandmother from her travels.

In my professional life, my background is in marketing, project management, and community building. My wonderful husband supports my dreams and aspirations with his woodworking and cooking, and I'm a mother to a three year old and two tuxedo cats.

I can't wait to meet and talk with more creatives here in NoCo!

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